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A Message from Nóirín

Legal Marriages

I am here to co-create a legal ritual that truly celebrates this most important day of your life; a ceremony  that is truly authentic and meaningful for you and that bows to your deepest spiritual beliefs be they humanist, God-centred, cosmic or simply your own inner life-force.

Naming Ceremonies & Baptisms

Our name is our innermost soul signature, a fact that was so often ignored in traditional baptisms. I am here to heighten the heritage into which a child is born; to welcome and christen the new resident into the precious name chosen for them.

Funeral Services

Includes crematorium rituals and end of life support.

Rituals can greatly enhance the letting go of loved ones. Our Irish foreparents were keenly aware of this. Through singing such ancient songs of lamentation from the Irish tradition, I am convinced that marking the passing over of souls is crucial to the universal experience of death. 

Divorce/Separation Rituals

Up until now, churches in Ireland held that divorce, separation and the going of separate ways of couples were failures. Having experienced this pain personally, I know that what helped me in coming to terms with this particular loss was ritual and a real coming to terms with loss and ultimately a blessing too

Home, Office, Space Blessings

It is vital that we become friends with spaces that literally mean the world to us. Our home is where we retreat to and where we refresh our souls either with others or on our own. Having researched the power of sound to transform space and place, I am perfectly poised to create a ritual for you which will rejuvenate any of your meaningful life locales.   

Renewal Vows, significant birthday and anniversary 

We all chart our lives through the passing years from noting our birthdays to renewing our commitments to life forces and family. Celebrating such moments with ritual is a very rich form of remembrance.

Go mbeannaí Dia dhíbh, a chroíthe!  (God be with you, dear hearts!)

My lifelong desire and longing for as long as I can remember has been to minister to people, to stand beside and share in the great moments of transition which being human presents.  Singing and theology have been ways to do this all my life up to now.  I have sung for so many  weddings, funerals, namings rituals, baptisms and blessings for all of life’s rights of passage  


So I am already a genius at what it takes to create the perfect ceremony for you and I can also sing a bar for you if you wish!

Just two years ago, I walked the marvellous path of ministry and am now an ordained minister with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation in London.  

Now,  I feel that my life is being lived to the full for the very first time and I am so excited to share the grace that this long awaited beginning has brought me!

This qualification is recognised by the State of  Ireland which means that I can be an official, legal solemniser of Marriages.


Tá Gaeilge agam freisin agus beidh mé thairbhe sásta do phósadh go léir nó cuid de a dhéanamh trí mheán ár dteanga  draíochtúil.

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