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A Message from Nóirín

Go mbeannaí Dia dhíbh, a chroíthe!  (God be with you, dear hearts!)

My lifelong desire and longing for as long as I can remember has been to minister to people, to stand beside and share in the great moments of transition which being human presents.  Singing and theology have been ways to do this all my life up to now.  I have sung for so many  weddings, funerals, namings rituals, baptisms and blessings for all of life’s rights of passage  


So I am already a genius at what it takes to create the perfect ceremony for you and I can also sing a bar for you if you wish!

Just two years ago, I walked the marvellous path of ministry and am now an ordained minister with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation in London.  

Now,  I feel that my life is being lived to the full for the very first time and I am so excited to share the grace that this long awaited beginning has brought me!

This qualification is recognised by the State of  Ireland which means that I can be an official, legal solemniser of Marriages.


Tá Gaeilge agam freisin agus beidh mé thairbhe sásta do phósadh go léir nó cuid de a dhéanamh trí mheán ár dteanga  draíochtúil.

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